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Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses have been an extremely popular choice for customers of the past few years due to the media coverage and original NASA space programme marketing. We cut through the jargon to inform you of the benefits and drawbacks of sleeping on Memory foam…

Enhanced pressure relief

The pressure relief aching joints and muscles can benefit from when you sleep on supportive memory foam can be transformational. Believe it or not memory foam comes in many variations, you can choose from a firm dense foam ideal for those who sleep on their tummy or backs to very pliable softer memory foam layers ideal for side sleepers. Hybrid options support the contours of your body extremely well because of the responsive pocket springs moving inside and the layers of soothing memory foam on top.

How long should it last?

The lifespan of memory foam generally depends on how dense the foam is, and the quality of materials used to form it. As with everything, you get what you pay for, and a good mix of quality memory foam will mean it continues to perform and support long term before you start to see signs of wear after your body has been lying night after night. Years of experience have taught us the cheaper memory foam options only last a very short time before showing signs of wear and are poor value for money. We carefully select quality options from trusted manufacturers and last extremely well.

Warm and soothing…

Yes, that right, memory foam is warmer to sleep on than the other mattress alternatives. Memory foam gently warms up as our body heat permeates into the foam layers around us and reflects it back to gently keep us cosy and warm through the night. One of the big benefits of this is the heat generated from the foam soothes aching muscles and acts as a heat pad during the time spent on it. 

Easy care and maintenance

Memory foam layers slowly recover back to their original shape when we jump out of bed and therefore don't need to be turned or rotated. Easy to look after and no need to turn. You can use memory foam mattress on any bed base or bedstead.

Questions? We can help.

We've been selling quality memory foam mattress for decades and know a thing or two about what works. Give our experts a call on 01935 423596 to discuss your requirements and get the low down on what is right for your needs. We're on hand to help and look forward to speaking with you.







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