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Guarantees and Warranties

In the unlikely event of a problem arising due to faulty or poor workmanship; we promise under our guarantees and warranties, to replace or repair any part, on any product; for free in the first year after purchase.


What is covered under the guarantees and warranties?

Every product you purchase from us comes with its own extensive cover. Please refer to any documentation you may have recieved with your purchase for more information or contact our friendly team to talk through your options.

In the unlikely event of a functional failure of the goods you purchased from us not related to normal wear and tear use; we promise to provide a repair service, without charge. This will be up to a cost equal to the original purchase price paid for the product. If we deem that your product cannot be repaired (or is uneconomical to repair); we will replace it with the same product at no charge to you.

Should that specific product no longer be available from the manufacturer due to it being discontinued; we will provide an alternative product of equivalent specification to replace the faulty goods.

Your Guarantee and/or Warranty is dealt with through us at The Bed Specialist - and not direct with the manufacturer. We will act on your behalf in the event of a fault or complaint.


Repair or replacement.

If your purchase had developed a problem due to faulty material or poor workmanship; please contact us and we will assist you in arranging authorisation for repair or replacement. All defects must be reported to us in writing within 7 days of the problem occurring.

Wherever possible, any replacement will be made of identical material. However, if this is no longer available, manufacturers reserve the right to substitute appropriately with a similar material; or one of a higher quality. Goods will only be replaced or repaired at your address at time of purchase. If you have moved, please contact us for more information as additional charges may occur.



What is not covered under the guarantee?


  • Accidental damage
  • Incorrect or faulty installation of the product by you or a third party
  • Use of the product for anything other than domestic use. (Non commercial)
  • If the goods have been delivered and moved outside of the UK
  • If the product had become excessively soiled or is in an unsanitary condition
  • Deliberate malicious damage or misuse of the product, including the manufacturer's instructions not being followed
  • Normal ageing or wear and tear including mattress upholstery settlement and "dipping"
  • Loss of or damage to accessories if a fault occurs
  • Use of the product without bed linen as some manufacturers will not repair or replace a product if a mattress cover has not been used!
  • Using the mattress with a base for which it was not designed (e.g. an old sprung base or slatted system with wide gaps)
  • If the mattress has been rolled or bent out of shape
  • Overloading the drawers in the divan and causing distortion of the base and fittings
  • Damage caused by foreign objects or substances not normally associated with the product
  • Repairs carried out by the persons not authorised by us or without prior approval
  • The expense of a service call when no fault has been found with the product


Brand Guarantee and Warranty Information

Bentley designs 

  • 1 Year guarantee

Devon Duvets 

  • 5 Year guarantee


DunlopilloElite Premium Talalay Latex Collection 

  • 15 Year guarantee on Elite Luxury, Elite Comfort & Elite Supreme mattresses  
  • 8 Year guarantee on Luxury Divan Bases
  • 10 Year guarantee on Headboards

Dunlopillo Latex Hybrid Express Collection

  • 8 Year guarantee Mattresses
  • 5 Year guarantee on Standard divan bases
  • 10 Year guarantee on headboards

Enchanted House

All Enchanted House Mattresses, Divans and headboards are lovingly hand-made to order with dozens of man-hours work from their master bed-makers, joiners, and upholsterers.

Guarantee period varies depending on the mattress model. This is due to differences in upholstery and the amounts of fillings used (and their influence on the rate of wear to the mattress).

  • 30 Year guarantee for Divan Bases 
  • 15 Year guarantee for the Cheldon Mattress 
  • 12 Year guarantee for the Marldon and Holcombe Mattress 
  • 3 Year guarantee for Mattress Enhancers 
  • 2 Year guarantee on luxury pillows and bedding


  • 5 Year warranty on Mattresses
  1. 1st Year full guarantee
  2. 2nd Year: 25% of mattress cost
  3. 3rd Year: 50% of mattress cost
  4. 4th Year: 75% of mattress cost
  5. 5th Year: 100% of mattress cost
  • 1 Year guarantee on Divan Bases 


  • 1 Year guarantee on all bedsteads

Highgrove Beds

  • 5 Year warranty on Adjustable Beds and Mattresses
  1. 1st Year full guarantee
  2. 2nd Year: 20% of retail price
  3. 3rd Year: 40% of retail price
  4. 4th Year: 60% of retail price
  5. 5th Year: 80% of retail price


  • 10 Year guarantee on all mattresses and divan bases
  • 1 Year guarantee on Headboards 
  • 1 Year on Metal Mechanisms (Ottomans and guest beds)

For Hypnos full terms and conditions of guarantee please visit the following web address: 

Hypnos Guarantee Information

Julian Bowen

  • 1 Year guarantee


  • 1 Year guarantee


  • 1 Year guarantee


  • 10 Year warranty on Posturemax Latex 2000 mattress, Posturemax Latex 4000 Mattress, Divans, Ottoman Divans when purchased with a mattress
  • 5 Year warranty on Relax Natural 1000, Esteem Quilt 2000, Support Orthos 2000 Mattress, Divans, Ottoman Divans when purchased with a mattress  
  • 1 Year warranty on Essential Orthos 1000 and Wellbeing 1000 Mattresses
  • 1 Year warranty on Ottoman Divans bought separately 
  • 1 Year warranty on Divan bases bought separately 

5 Year warranty info

  1. 1st Year full guarantee
  2. 2nd Year: 20% of retail price
  3. 3rd Year: 40% of retail price
  4. 4th Year: 60% of retail price
  5. 5th Year: 80% of retail price

10 Year warranty info

  1. 1st Year full guarantee
  2. 2nd Year: 10% of retail price
  3. 3rd Year: 20% of retail price
  4. 4th Year: 30% of retail price
  5. 5th Year: 40% of retail price
  6. 6th Year: 50% of retail price
  7. 7th Year: 60% of retail price
  8. 8th Year: 70% of retail price
  9. 9th Year: 80% of retail price
  10. 10th Year: 90% of retail price

Millbrook Beds

  • 5 Year guarantee followed by 5 Year warranty on all Mattresses and Divans


  • 5 Year guarantee on Mattresses
  • 2 Year guarantee on Pillows
  • 2 Year guarantee on Toppers

Mlily Guarantee Information


  • 3 Year parts Warranty
  • 3 Year Warranty on mattresses


  • 15 Year guarantee on Heritage Collection Mattresses
  • 10 Year guarantee on Classic Collection Mattresses
  • 5 Year guarantee on Express natural Collection Mattresses 
  • 15 Year guarantee on Premium Divan Bases (Paired with Heritage Collection)
  • 5 Year guarantee on Standard Divan Bases (Paired with Classic Collection and Express Natural Collection)


  • 10 Year guarantee on Divan and Mattress sets bought together as a pair
  • 10 Year guarantee on Mattresses 
  • 5 Year guarantee on Divan Bases bought separately
  • 2 Year guarantee on Headboards
  • 1 Year guarantee on Ottoman Divan actions
  • 1 Year guarantee on - Divan Drawers, Drawer Runners, Linking Bar, Castors/Glides and Toppers

Sleepeezee Guarantee Information


The quality of the materials and craftsmanship that goes into every Vispring luxury mattress and bed ensures their owners, with correct care, can enjoy many years of the finest sleep. How long you can or want to keep your mattress is usually down to personal preference and how well you have cared for your mattress.

  • 30 Year full guarantee for Mattress only and Divan Sets
  • 5 Year guarantee for Europa Ottoman (1 Year for gas struts)
  • 2 Year guarantee for Headboards
  • 5 Year guarantee for Mattress Toppers
  • 2 Year guarantee for Pillows and Duvets
  • 1 Year guarantee for Mattress Protectors and Bedstead Pads

Register your guarantee with Vispring immediately after accepting delivery. Click here to visit the Vispring website where you can register your details;

Register Vispring Guarantee

For more information and full terms and conditions of your Vispring guarantee please visit the following website; 

Vispring Guarantee Information

Wool Room

  • 2 Year guarantee on bedding


For all questions relating to your individual product/s and further information regarding the warranty and/or Guarantees, please contact us on 01935 423596 or email for further help and advice. If you cant see your product brand listed above it may have been discontinued from our ranges, do still call us and we will do our best to help you with any issues you may be experiencing.   

Thank you.



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