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Complete guide to Vispring mattress toppers

Complete guide to Vispring mattress toppers

Mattress toppers have become a must have for those who desire a supremely soft and cushioned surface to sleep on paired with a quality mattress beneath. The combination of a traditional mattress with deep layers of upholstery, and the added cushion of a topper which gently cradles your body (in a way that upholstery in the body of a mattress doesnt), can transform the way we sleep.

These sumptuous mattress toppers can also influence our sleeping position too.

In this guide, we'll talk about the subtle differences in the collection of Vispring toppers we offer, and how they adapt to the different ways we sleep. We'll also touch on what you should consider when choosing the perfect mattress topper.


Do mattress toppers affect the way we sleep at night?

Adding a mattress topper to a good quality mattress can drastically adjust the feel of your mattress, so think carefully about how they can affect your sleep.

If you sleep regularly on your side, adding a soft topper can absorb your hip and shoulder joints, and if a firm mattress is usually something you'd prefer, combine this with a cushioned topper and you can make things a lot more comfortable.

Stomach sleepers should always consider a firmer surface to sleep on to prevent your pelvis and hips from sinking too deep into the mattress. This can cause undue strain on your lower back! Firmer toppers can prevent too much hammocking and give much greater support for those who sleep regularly on their backs.

Mattress toppers made with horsehair are great for creating a more substantial and solid surface to sleep on, which can provide extra support.

The support you get for your whole body

A mattress topper can align your spine and create an enhanced surface for added comfort, which is key to getting a good nights sleep. A key ingredient to recieving the perfect spine alignment is how the mattress underneath is performing, but if this is supportive, a topper will cushion further and absorb your shoulders and hips to prevent discomfort and pain.

If you sleep on your back, mattress toppers will further help to maintain the natural curve in your lower back and fill any gap between you and the mattress, increasing the lumbar support which will further enhance the feel of a good mattress.

Long-lasting and durable

The quality materials used to create our Vispring toppers will mean many years of enhanced comfort. Damask ticking and beautiful natural fillings will create a breathable surface for years. 

Its vital our spine and necks are properly aligned as we sleep, and a great mattress with the right ingredents will last a very long time. Due to the nature of the natural fillings, these will dip over time and compress inside the mattress no matter how often you turn and rotate it. Adding a quality mattress topper will give your mattress a welcome boost and help prolong it's feel. This top-up will ensure you continue to get the full potential out of your mattress and continue to enjoy a comfortable and evenly distributed feel across it's surface.

Less movement, more comfort

As much as we love our partner … we might not love how much they fidget and turn in the night!

Your Vispring mattress contains copious individual springs encased in natural calico pockets, laid out in a honeycomb layer. This minimises the motion which is transfered, meaning you can snooze without feeling excessive bouncing and less of that movement from your partner. 

Choosing a sumptuous mattress topper which is made from materials that isolate movement, and which gives you a responsive surface in which to absorb motion, means you can customise your bed to both your needs without necessarily having to fork out for a completely new mattress.



What to consider when choosing your luxury Vispring mattress topper


The way you sleep is crucial to deciding which thickness of mattress topper to choose.

Side sleepers often require thicker 10cm toppers as these will provide much more cushioning for your hip and shoulder pressure points. Alternatively if you tend to sleep on your stomach then a thinner mattress topper is generally needed of around 5cm to 6cm to prevent excessive sinkage that can lead to spinal misalignment.

Back sleepers are somewhere in the middle and we always suggest you should consider how it cushions the small of your back behind your hips to prevent pressure points building.

We offer several types of Vispring topper which vary in thickness and upholstery, providing different levels of support dependant on how you sleep.


If you suffer from any allergies it's worth considering buying a hypoallergenic option with British fleece wool and cotton. These are resistant to dust mites and mould. Wool increases the breathability of your sleeping surface and makes for an optimal sleep environment if you are prone to sensitivities.



Top Tip:  A quality mattress topper is no substitute for a poor quality aging mattress with little support. Speak to our experts about the options available and our recommendation on what might work for you.

An extra layer of luxury is added to your bed with the addition of a mattress topper, allowing you to drift off to sleep in a rejuvenating slumber. Selecting the appropriate mattress topper tailored to your specific needs, preferences, and sleeping position is vital to enhancing your sleep experience and ensuring optimal comfort.

Visit our showrooms to experience these mattress toppers for yourself, and speak to our Vispring specialists. We've been an independent family business since 1965 and can share our expertise on the entire range with you in person or over the phone.

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