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Latex Pillows

Natural Latex is a godsend for those who crave a hypo-allergenic and antibacterial pillow to sleep on, the sustainable and completely natural properties of Latex mean the pillow remains this way for the duration of its life. The open cell structure is made up of millions of microscopic air bubbles which makes it extremely breathable and durable. As you lay your head across the surface, you will naturally compress the latex layers and push air through the surface helping the pillow to circulate air around you and keep you at a comfortable temperature.

Sustainable and durable

Natural Latex is very resilient, instantly responsive and completely noise-free meaning undisturbed sleep and a greater level of pressure relief around your neck. Our latex pillows instantly respond to your movement to provide enhanced support. Sourced from rubber trees and baked as to set the latex, it can last way beyond the average lifespan of a more traditional pillow.

Enhanced pressure relief and support

Latex is the unsung hero of sleep. The way the elasticity of the latex performs around your neck and head will mean far greater pressure relief and encourages a healthy blood supply to your muscles which can soothe and support in a way other materials don't. Natural latex also eliminates unwanted allergens and reduce bacteria and unpleasant odours which will help maintain a refreshing sleep environment that is 100% hypo allergenic.

What is the right pillow for me?

This is a question we are asked nearly every day. Our experts would always ask you how you sleep, and this helps us determine what sort of pillow you should consider. We'd recommend a side sleeper should choose a deeper pillow which will fill the larger gap between your neck and the mattress but not too deep that you crick your neck unnaturally. A deeper pillow keeps our spines aligned well avoiding the slump, where gravity pulls your neck towards the mattress causing discomfort. A popular pillow for side sleepers is the Relyon Superior Comfort Deep Latex pillow and the Devon Duvets 4-fold wool pillow.

Front and back sleepers would benefit from a slimmer pillow, and one where you can manipulate the shape to provide the ultimate support around your neck where you need it most. Pillows such as the Superior Comfort slim latex pillow are ideal as their lower profiles can stop your neck being forced into an unnatural position.

Our fully trained bedding consultants are here to help if you need us. Give us a call on 01935 423596 if you have any questions. 


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