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Adjustable beds

Our range of stylish and modern adjustable bed options are increasingly popular with all generations and come with many options. These beds offer the ultimate comfort and support for everyone to enjoy.
Adjustable beds are no longer deemed to be mobility hospital beds which are large, ugly, loud and temperamental. This new generation of beds offer stylish and sophisticated smooth reclining actions in a variety of beautiful bedstead designs and colours to suit everyone. Modern adjustable beds harness the latest technology and adapt quickly and effortlessly to the contours of your body, providing exceptional comfort and support in a variety of positions.

Why choose an adjustable bed?
Not only do these beds provide a comfortable position to sleep in, but the health benefits are also huge. Here are a few important factors to know about when considering sleeping on a reclining action adjustable bed and mattress…

Versatile sleep
Whether we enjoy reading in bed, looking at the TV of simply relaxing with a gentle massage before sleep, propping ourselves up on too many pillows can be a thing of the past. With adjustable beds you can keep your whole body in perfect contact with a supportive mattress and gently ease yourself into the best position for comfort. You can choose from a wide single or a twin adjustable if you're sharing with a partner to save those uncomfortable moments when one wants to sit and one wants to sleep!

Back support and mobility
Back pain is one of the most common complaints we hear about at The Bed Specialist and is a UK wide problem. Choosing the correct mattress and sleeping in the right position at a slight incline can make a huge difference. Having a bed that can raise a mattress under our knees to take pressure off the lower back area and provide additional support for the contour of our bodies. An electric adjustable bed will help you choose the perfect position for your needs and get personalised support for your entire body from the spine, neck and hips and will aid muscular discomfort too.

Elderly care and assistance
A comfortable adjustable bed which is easy to use, quiet and reliable will be a huge benefit to an elderly person who also needs that extra help sitting up and manoeuvring in and out of bed. The height can be adjusted to suit the individual and head raised to a sitting position first to assist with turning and a grab rail can also be added to the side of selected bed designs. Call our team to discuss these important options and visit our showrooms for a free no obligation demonstration.

Improved comfort
When your body is fully supported by a mattress in the correct, comfortable and pain-free sleeping position it can be a game changer. You will find your sleep will likely improve and the health benefits are immeasurable. Quality sleep is vitally important to both our physical and emotional wellbeing and has been shown to have a positive impact on our stress levels, memory function, immune system, blood pressure, and overall mood - to name a few.

Choosing carefully with the help of our experts
Our carefully chosen range of adjustable beds from premium bed brands such as Vispring and Opera offer plenty of choice, quality actions, luxurious mattresses and years of trouble-free use. We stock many variations of all sizes to suit every requirement and pride ourselves on over half a century of expertise in helping our customers choose the correct bed.

If you have specific requirements we can help. We work with suppliers who can manufacture bespoke sizes and provide solutions for your needs. If you need more help choosing your adjustable bed, please give our friendly team a call or pop into our showrooms. We'll patently listen to your requirements and come up with some solutions which could help, as a family business we pride ourselves on the care and service we provide every customer.

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