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Choosing the perfect mattress

Choosing the perfect mattress


Choosing the perfect mattress is a highly personal decision that requires careful consideration of several factors. 


  1. Consider your sleeping style and body type to determine the level of firmness and support you need, our mattress firmness guide can help you with this.
  2. Think carefully about the mattress material that will provide the best support and comfort for you. Memory foam, latex, pocket spring, and hybrid mattresses all have their own benefits and drawbacks, so research each type to determine which one will suit your needs best. In addition, set a budget for your mattress purchase and make sure to try out the mattress in person before making a final decision, our friendly team are here to guide the way on your journey to finding the perfect mattress.

Ultimately, choosing the perfect mattress requires some trial and error to find the one that feels the most comfortable and supportive for your individual needs. 

By taking the time to consider your sleeping style, body type, mattress material, and budget, you should be able to find the perfect mattress that will provide a comfortable and restful night's sleep. Our sleep experts can talk you through each of these areas and guide you to the one that will best suit you.


Sleeping style:

We all sleep differently, the way our bodies react when we sleep on our tummy is different to when we sleep on our backs or on our side. The firmness rating of a mattress will benefit you in different ways depending on how you tend to lie in bed. For those sleepers who are restless in the night and change sleeping position a lot, consider buying a more breathable mattress and use higher quality bedding which can help wick away excess moisture better, the higher the temperature we sleep at can make us more restless. You may find you are more restful if you can reduce your sleeping temperature a little by opening a window and letting air circulate around you too. Other benefits can include less background noise and lower light levels. 

Back sleepers will generally need more cushioning as the small curve of our lower back and spine will need more cradling and support.

Side sleepers need to consider how your hip and shoulder bones are supported. These need to be absorbed by the mattress more than if you lie on your back or tummy.


Body Type:

This is a huge topic and one we cover in another guide. We've used our years of experience and knowledge of the products and industry to set up a handy bed specialist firmness rating guide for all the mattresses we sell. Choosing the firmness of mattress for our body type is highly subjective, but our guide can give you some pointers. Look at each mattress or divan bed set page for the rating we've given and click on the guide to learn more. 

As a rule, if you have a slim build and weigh up to 10 stone you should consider a soft mattress, if you are a larger build and weigh anything over 16 stone you should consider a firm or extra firm tension mattress to hold your body weight and support you properly. Call our team to get some more information if you're not sure what tension mattress you need.


Mattress material:

The materials used to upholster each mattress is different for every single model. The quantity of filling, the quality of the materials used, and the type can vary enormously and feel very different. We cut through the jargon and sell only the best quality options for every budget, options that last. Click the links to read more about each material and view products that meet our high standards.

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One question we get asked regularly is what am I getting for my money. Most mattresses look and initially feel similar, but the reality is very different. When you discover the work involved in making each mattress, and the vast differences in quality of materials used and even the steel wire used for each spring inside, the life can be extended if you invest more money of higher quality models and therefore the support it gives long term. A quality mattress should easily last ten years and when you consider we spend on average 6 hours sleeping a night which is over 30,000 hours in that time, a £1000 mattress works out to be exceptional value for money. 

  • Mattress budget of £500 spread over 10 years use =  14p per night or £4.34 per month*
  • Mattress budget of £1000 spread over 10 years use = 27p per night or £8.37 per month*
  • Mattress budget of £3000 spread over 10 years use =  82p per night or £25.42 per month*

(*Month based on 31 nights)


We've carefully selected the best mattresses for durability and performance for every budget - dont be afraid to ask us to explain in more detail what you get for your budget. We stock king size mattresses from as little as £400 and also sell the finest quality options from luxury brands such as Hypnos, Enchanted House and Vispring.


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