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How long should a Vispring mattress last?

How long should a Vispring mattress last?

How long can you expect your new Vispring mattress to last? Our guide gives some insight to this question, with tips to prolong the life of your mattress. 

Vispring mattresses are crafted to the very highest standards by experts in their field; the materials used are second-to-none, and no compromise is made on any aspect of the design and construction. 

All Vispring mattresses come with an industry-leading 30-year full Guarantee which backs up their commitment to providing you with a first class bed.

With the correct care, a Vispring mattress will last many years more than the recommended industry standard 7 years. How long you wish to keep your mattress is usually down to personal preference. 

Longevity should not be confused with Vispring's Guarantee

It is, however, important not to confuse how long you can enjoy your Vispring mattress with the Guarantee. The Guarantee is designed to protect you in the unlikely event of damage that is due to faulty workmanship or components, not how it feels after the prolonged use it gets.

Long-term comfort is dependant on specification

Naturally there is a range of mattresses with various specifications; the spring count and upholstery increases as you progress through the range. More durable fillings such as horsehair and luxurious mohair can provide many more years of comfort compared to layers of cotton. 

Higher numbers of vanadium springs in the mattress will hold your body and give you many more years of support before you start to discover an upgrade might be needed.

It goes without saying that a dual layer pocket spring Vispring mattress, upholstered with long teased horsehair and superior Shetland isle wool (such as the Tiara Superb) will feel supremely more comfortable for longer than a single layer spring option with lower levels of filling. The choice is extensive dependant on your preference and budget. 

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Tips to help you prolong the life of your Vispring mattress

  • Bending or rolling your Vispring mattress can damage the springs laid out inside. It will invalidate your 30-year guarantee.
  • By occasionally turning and rotating your mattress you can extend its life even further.
  • The tufts across the surface of your mattress are designed to keep all the luxurious fillings in place. They will break if put under a lot of pressure. The good news is that they’re easy to replace and can help lengthen the mattress' life.
  • Try to avoid sitting on the edge of your bed as it puts pressure on the edge springs and could break the border stitching. No steel rod edge is used because of the extensive side-stiching, but this doesnt mean the edge can be abused.
  • Springs can easily topple over inside, so avoid your children boucing on the mattress. 
  • Did you know that using a plastic bag to store your mattress long-term can cause damage through condensation? Try to airate the mattress regularly.
  • Don’t use a Vispring mattress on a bedstead frame with wooden slats more than 7cm apart. If you are using a slatted base with abraisive timber, we’d recommend using a mattress pad to minimise wear and prolong its life.
  • Don’t use a quality Vispring mattress on a worn-out divan or old sprung bed base. It will shorten the life of your mattress and might void the guarantee. Try to keep the divan and mattress as a pair in sync for the best ongoing support and comfort.

For more advice to prolong your mattress's life, get in touch with our in-store Vispring experts.

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