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Nothing beats the feel of high-quality bedding. We stock a wide selection, from soft and plump goose feather and down, to quilted luxury wool and durable synthetic fibre fill.

Breathable and lightweight

A new bundle of quality breathable bedding is essential when buying a new bed and mattress, especially if you're after a cool, breathable sleep experience. Natural wool is great at wicking away excess moisture close to our bodies, and light, fluffy, feather and down can aerate and cool the area around you as you sleep, ensuring an even body temperature. All our bedding options come with a wide variety of tog weights.

The perfect pillows

Choosing the right pillow is such an important decision; we often forget that our head and neck need support just as much as our backs and the rest of our bodies. A decent quality pillow will serve you well as you sleep, providing long-lasting comfort. Pop into our Yeovil showrooms so you can receive a free assessment and talk through your options with our knowledgeable advisors. 

Extra comfort layers and toppers

We're regularly asked if a topper can improve your comfort as you sleep. The answer is yes, it can certainly enhance your sleeping experience by giving the existing sleep surface a welcome boost when paired with a quality supportive mattress. Toppers and comfort layers can also disguise a poor-quality mattress giving bad support, too, so it isn't always a quick fix. You might want to consider upgrading the mattress, too. We offer a wide range of sumptuous toppers in all sizes, with gorgeous natural breathable upholstery. We'd recommend toppers in our Vispring and Enchanted House options.

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