Natural Quality - Pure and Simple

Nimbus pride themselves on the ability to guarantee that all the natural filled products are made to the highest quality using responsibly sourced fillings and luxuriously soft but durable casings.

No live plucking and no force feeding - all ethically sourced.




Downpass Seal Certified Products

Guaranteed quality
Tested to meet the highest standards
Responsibly and Ethically sourced
Have incurred no live plucking
By-products of the food industry, much like Leather and Wool
Fully traced.




Finished to the highest standards...

Nimbus only use cotton covers as they believe quality cotton offers the greatest luxury. Each cover is tightly woven to ensure dust-mites cannot enterand the feather and down cannot escape; but also to ensure it has a soft, rich feel, and that it lasts longer and is more durable.

Quality cotton from a 280 thread count, right up to a beautiful 420 thread count cotton sateen.


Why Choose Naturals?

Natural duvets maintain their insulating properties for longer than their synthetic counterparts.

Duvets with natural fillings drape fluidly over the body, hugging closely and insulating more efficiently. They also absorb body moisture lost during the night then release it when the duvet is aired.

Natural pillows keep their shape and support for longer that synthetic pillows.




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