Proven to enhance your sleep


Mammoth mattresses improve the quality of your sleep by providing pressure relief without the heat generated by traditional memory foam mattresses. Mammoth works in partnership with the Chiropractic Patients Association and is endorsed by the British Athletes Commission, The Rugby Players' Association and Professional Cricketers' Association.


The Mammoth Performance Range is scientifically proven to enhance your sleep. A recent study by Dr Jason Ellis, a world leading sleep expert, proved that Mammoth Performance Mattresses enable you to fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, and enjoy your sleep more. What more could you want from a bed!           

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A better night’s sleep, guaranteed


Thanks to high specification medical grade foam,

Mammoth mattresses provide pressure relief like

never before, keeping your spine perfectly aligned

and reduces back, neck, shoulder and hip pain.






The Mammoth story


John Tuton suffered a rugby accident. To help cope with his injured spine and multiple broken ribs he made a prototype mattress of 15cm deep medical grade foam. Having the pressure relief he needed, without the heat generated by a traditional memory foam mattress allowed him to fall asleep, and to sleep better. John decided to improve his design and make these mattresses available to everyone, and so Mammoth beds was born.



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